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Solid Foundations

Solid Foundations

Confidence in IT Security frees rather than restricts, giving users the safety to create and innovate. Let us empower you to do more.

Check Point Experts

Check Point Experts

No-one has the depth of expertise which we bring to Check Point deployment. Let us help you get the very most from your implementation.

Unrivalled Experience in OT

Unrivalled Experience in OT

Lithify has an international reputation for our work securing power stations. Our understanding and experience in OT is unsurpassed.

Endpoint Delivered Seamlessly

Endpoint Delivered Seamlessly

Protect your users wherever they are, quickly and without disruption. Market leading solutions with unbeaten catch rates.

Lithify for Cloud

Lithify for Cloud

Industry leading protection, cloud native security and analytics for complex deployments in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Services and beyond.

Check Point Mentor

Check Point Mentor

Ongoing help with your Check Point deployment, bringing specialist expertise to your team without the need for inflexible managed services.

Security is our Sole Focus 

IT security shouldn't restrict, it should empower:
By providing a solid foundation, we enable business to be more innovative, more creative, more productive. 

Lithify is a specialist security reseller. We provide complex IT Security solutions to the largest companies in the UK and worldwide.
Our solutions are market-leading, delivered by experts with international reputations for excellence in their chosen fields.

We work with our clients on an ongoing basis to ensure that the investment made in IT security is utilised to the full and grows as the organisation evolves. 

We work in the most challenging environments to make security work for the business it serves. Our reputation for troubleshooting and problem resolution is unparalleled. 

Talk to us today about how we can help you reach your goals. 

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Cloud Security

Endpoint Security for Users

Disaster Recovery Planning

Detailed Security Evaluation

Troubleshooting Check Point

Security Strategy

Incident Response

Email Security

Check Point Mentor

If you're considering Check Point's SandBlast Mobile, you might be interested to read the following review just in from one of our customers, who recently deployed the product.


We  recently implemented Check Point SandBlast mobile on *all* mobile (phone) devices both ‘Droid and Apple during lockdown, following a security breach.

There were quite a few bad apps installed on various phones, almost all ‘Droid but also one iPhone.

The users should have learned from the ensuing clean-up and the fact that we directly contacted all of those with dodgy apps that they had downloaded and taught them the issues and what they needed to do to stay safe. Since then there have been a tiny number risks on built in apps on some very rubbish phones but nothing else, one could almost consider saying ‘we don’t really need the SandBlast mobile any more’….

So today, a person in the same team as the person who was breached has taken it upon himself to download and install an application which initiated the following alert to us – allowing us to address this instantly!

Without SBM we would simply have no way of knowing he had done this, this is not a virus because it does not self-replicate; this is a back-door, data stealing, password stealing application which a user has voluntarily downloaded from the ‘Droid play store and installed!


If you have a corporate email system and you allow people to connect to it via mobile phones, and you have not installed Check Point SandBlast Mobile, then your users will, eventually and inevitably, let the bad guys have access to your corporate data and you will be unaware until the payload of the breach comes out to bite you (and maybe not even then)!

Interesting reading.

For most organisations, mobile access has become a de facto part of user's daily lives, and to have corporate systems available in this way is great for productivity, but exposes risks which cannot be left unchallenged. 

SandBlast Mobile is easy to deploy, quick to set up and provides protection for such devices. 

Feel free to reach out if we can help you secure your systems. 



/ˈlɪθɪfʌɪ/ : to change to stone : petrify; especially : to convert (unconsolidated sediment) into solid rock.
intransitive verb: to become changed into stone.
IT Security: to cut through the mire of conflicting advice and provide a solid foundation for business.

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If you're considering Check Point's SandBlast Mobile, you might be interested to read the following review just in from one of our customers, who recently deployed the product.   We  recently...

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