Solid Foundations

Solid Foundations

Confidence in IT Security frees business rather than restricts.
Let us empower you to do more.

From Challenge to Transformation

From Challenge to Transformation

We work with the most daunting requirements from the largest organisations and exceed expectations on delivery

Security without Limits

Security without Limits

Solid security empowers and liberates business to be more creative, rather than restricting innovation

Disaster Resolution

Disaster Resolution

If you need help with a security incident, or you need expert remedial help immediately, call us.


/ˈlɪθɪfʌɪ/ : to change to stone : petrify; especially : to convert (unconsolidated sediment) into solid rock.
intransitive verb: to become changed into stone.
IT Security: to cut through the mire of conflicting advice and provide a solid foundation for business.

Security is our Sole Focus 

IT security shouldn't restrict, it should empower:
By providing a solid foundation, we enable business to be more innovative, more creative, more productive. 

Lithify is a specialist security reseller. We provide complex IT Security solutions to the largest companies in the UK and worldwide.
Our solutions are market-leading, delivered by experts with international reputations for excellence in their chosen fields.

We work with our clients on an ongoing basis to ensure that the investment made in IT security is utilised to the full and grows as the organisation evolves. 

We work in the most challenging environments to make security work for the business it serves. Our reputation for troubleshooting and problem resolution is unparalleled. 

Talk to us today about how we can help you reach your goals. 


Still hanging your security on perimeter firewalls?

Its time to broaden your scope

Who reading this thinks that perimeter firewalls are the main game in security? Many people still do.

We've based security on perimeter firewalls for so long that they're just the accepted way of doing things. Firewall are the mainstay - everyone knows that, right?

Clever vendor marketing machines beat the drum long and hard about their status as "top firewall provider" but they're beating an outdated drum. Firewalls are a good building block but they don't cover even half the attack surface of most enterprises. 

No-one (save for possibly some government departments) has an enterprise where everyone works solely from the office.  Most organisations allow at least an element of home working, all organisations have staff who travel for business, and everyone uses either cloud data storage or has third-party cloud based apps which contain our data and which reside outside the confines of our own datacentres - think Salesforce, Office365, Google G-Suite. 

Business is no longer static. Security based on protecting the perimeter no longer covers the needs of current work patterns. The needs of business far outstrip this approach.

The modern enterprise is mobile: its agile workers no longer reside in the office and neither do its systems - we expect email and productivity tools on our smartphones, remote access to CRM, the ability to spin up the servers in the cloud at the click of a button, the ability to work from wherever, whenever, without restriction.

How can a static gateway possibly handle that?

The short answer is - it can't!

We now need systems which handle cloud, handle remote users effectively and integrate mobile fully into the environment. Security also need to overlay "served" (SaaS) applications - we've all ignored them for too long and that has to change.

If I was looking to help a customer make one investment in security systems this year, then refreshing their firewall array wouldn't be my number one priority. Finding ways to expand the reach of security to better cover the entire attack surface would be a better use of available budget. 

Endpoint security - for so long relegated to anti-virus needs to get serious, needs to adopt zero day control and needs to be seen as a lynch-pin in any security defence. Furthermore, adopting zero day here vastly reduces the load on perimeter firewall so for many organisation, deploying robust systems at the end point are a far better way forward. 

Mobiles are probably the most overlooked access point - I don't know anyone who doesn't at the very least have their business email on their phone - why are we not taking protection for these devices seriously?

Cloud has totally changed the data needs of most organisations - being able to replicate perimeter firewall standards in the cloud is obvious, but not being properly addressed by the majority, and that's without talking about protection for served applications where again, security should be paramount and yet is often overlooked. 

Let's look at the whole environment rather than looking simply at firewalls - great building blocks though they might be.


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