Solid Foundations

Solid Foundations

Confidence in IT Security frees business rather than restricts.
Let us empower you to do more.

From Challenge to Transformation

From Challenge to Transformation

We work with the most daunting requirements from the largest organisations and exceed expectations on delivery

Security without Limits

Security without Limits

Solid security empowers and liberates business to be more creative, rather than restricting innovation

Disaster Resolution

Disaster Resolution

If you need help with a security incident, or you need expert remedial help immediately, call us.


/ˈlɪθɪfʌɪ/ : to change to stone : petrify; especially : to convert (unconsolidated sediment) into solid rock.
intransitive verb: to become changed into stone.
IT Security: to cut through the mire of conflicting advice and provide a solid foundation for business.

Security is our Sole Focus 

IT security shouldn't restrict, it should empower:
By providing a solid foundation, we enable business to be more innovative, more creative, more productive. 

Lithify is a specialist security reseller. We provide complex IT Security solutions to the largest companies in the UK and worldwide.
Our solutions are market-leading, delivered by experts with international reputations for excellence in their chosen fields.

We work with our clients on an ongoing basis to ensure that the investment made in IT security is utilised to the full and grows as the organisation evolves. 

We work in the most challenging environments to make security work for the business it serves. Our reputation for troubleshooting and problem resolution is unparalleled. 

Talk to us today about how we can help you reach your goals. 


I'm constantly talking to both existing & prospective clients and a new phenomenon is catching my eye. Downsizing, simplification and cost cutting are becoming a trend.

I can see why. Firewalls are being commoditised and finance teams are simply asking "what am I getting for my investment?" It's a sensible question brought about for sound commercial reasons, but it's a question that needs careful answering.


The most frustrating reason for this kind of rationalisation has been caused by poor selling techniques by IT Security professionals which have diminished the benefits of the products we sell. As an industry we've chosen to sell on fear rather than features, and the idea of security as a business enabler, rather than a cost or a liability, has been universally lacking.

When people think of IT security they think of cost, not business benefit, and we all want to reduce costs!

Finance and operations often fail to understand the benefit of their security products. It's hard to spend money on something where you perceive no value. 

What's A Good Response?

There's never a single answer but there are some good places to start.

  • If it's about cost - think about sweating the asset for a little longer or making or making minor adjustments which require very little additional investment but which help you to get to the most from your infrastructure.
  • If it's about value - see what can be done with your existing kit. Almost all the clients we see for the first time have out of date configurations and therefore the maximum benefit is not being achieved. A little work can be done to change that.
  • If the the problem is complexity & lack of management skill - think about a few days consultancy to evaluate things, or think about a few days per quarter to help your in-house team manage the heavy lifting - this can often prove to be a great investment which helps you to get the most from the infrastructure without the headaches.
  • I've heard of organisations deciding not to renew their maintenance because they've "never had a breach". That's probably not the case - the attacks have happened, they've just been  stopped. A little firewall log interrogation should put paid to that argument. Certainly, a perception problem arises when every breach is stopped successfully and no-one is able to at least let the business know that an attack was avoided. 
  • If the problem is that the business needs have changed since the firewalls were purchased, think about ways to augment this existing infrastructure rather than a rip and replace strategy which brings it's own challenges. No-one wants to go from the frying pan into the fire. 

In most cases, it seems that the desire for change is driven by a desire for better value rather than an outright cost saving, and that can be achieved far more quickly by working with the existing investment, than by wholesale replacement. A little careful planning can go a long way.

What's also true is that wherever the cuts or rationalisations fall, they shouldn't compromise security. Downgrading from competent but a few years old to new and cheaper is a dangerous course, and one potentially fraught with problems. 

It's worth getting some advice before any of these choices are made - talk to an expert who can help. 

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