A typical engagement begins with an introductory call with one of our commercial consultants. 

Lithify does not employ commissioned sales people with high turnover targets and a desire only to hit their commission threshold. Instead we prefer to engage with our clients, understand their business and make recommendations based on need. 

If you wish to engage us to work on a high value project immediately, we are happy too do so, but often we begin with a few days consultancy to assist, evaluation your existing environment and make further technical recommendations.  

Scope of Works

Every activity is controlled by a Scope of Works which accurately defines the task at hand.

For short term single-tasks, this will be a concise summary of the objectives and duties to be performed. 

For a large implementation programme, the scope of works will be accompanied by a project plan and a solution design document will be written as the first undertaking of the engagement. 

Project milestones are also tightly controlled and change management applied to keep the plan on track, to time and budget. 

Project Management

You should expect your project to be tightly controlled with regular touch-points for evaluation of success/failure and identification of any risks and remedial actions required. An escalation path will also be published. 

Account Management

You should expect ongoing assistance from an expert account manager, who will be a consistent contact throughout your engagement with us. The account manager provides a single point of contact for all commercial dealings, is an escalation point during technical deployments and is a friendly face to whom you can reach out whenever you wish. 

Ongoing Consultancy

Complex security solutions require ongoing support and monitoring, and changes are frequent. An unmanaged security infrastructure is almost as bad as no infrastructure at all and the pitfalls of bringing outside contractors into your team are well documented.

We find that clients often want to stay in contact with their consultants, and an ongoing engagement is often beneficial. Having regular visits from an expert consultant augments the skills of your existing team and removes much of the worry from managing complex infrastructure. 

Having access to consistent consultancy resource who knows your network and your team is extremely helpful as previous knowledge is retained, and a comfortable way of working develops. It's also more cost-effective than engaging a different consultant each time as the on-boarding process is avoided. 

Ongoing consultancy also negates the requirement for long-term contractors where a few days per month would be sufficient to handle the workload associated with 

Typically, a few days per month or per quarter is ordered in advance and days drawn off as required on a time and materials basis. 


When designing security strategy, we spend a considerable time working with the client to ensure that all areas of the business are considered. Strategy should provide a framework to support the aims of the business for at least the next 5 years, but also be flexible enough to cope with inevitable changes and additions as time goes by.


When architecting a network environment, we evaluate business need and recommend solutions based primarily on business requirement and future growth. Solutions must support the needs of the business, enable the creative freedom to allow the enterprise to innovate, and be flexible enough to grow as the enterprise develops.


When rearchitecting an existing network, we evaluate business need and map against existing tools and investments. Where assets can be reused, reoptimised or repurposed, they will be considered before any rip and replace strategy is recommended. Often, the addition of one or two key solutions can produce excellent results without the disruption caused by a wholesale replacement strategy.

Project Work

For a specific project, consultants consider the wider network, the business environment and the operational requirement ensuring that any recommended solution will be complimentary, and will enhance the array, rather than simply co-existing with other elements.


A network evaluation is the first step of any troubleshooting engagement. Once this is complete, a root and branch inspection of all solution elements will be undertaken. This methodical approach is key to our success in finding and resolving problems that others have failed to isolate.


Solutions are often installed with base-level configurations, and not kept up to date. Our optimisation work helps you to use all available solution features and benefit from latest thinking to get the most from your investment.

How to Engage Us

Lithify is available for short or long term engagements, to help with a problem, to implement a specific project or as your preferred partner in IT Security. 

Contact us, book an initial (free of charge) consultation or request an urgent call back

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