Security Without Limits

We all understand that IT security is a necessity rather than an expensive luxury. The consequences of not having the correct tools in place with the correct configurations are widespread and far reaching. 

Sadly, security has been perceived a "necessary evil" rather than a "force for good", largely through poor marketing and a lazy sales approach. 

As an industry, professionals and vendors are portraying security as a means of control, restricting users, locking down, caging, which is exactly the opposite of what is needed in business, which is creativity, freedom, the ability to innovate. 

Freedom to innovate enables teams to bring clients the very best solutions the most efficient services; pushes boundaries and allows users to do more; allows companies to acheive excellence in ever-more-challenging ways. 

Security can and should deliver this freedom, with a "safety net" which means that freedom can be enjoyed without fear. 

We all live in the real world and realise thast we steps must be taken to ensure safety before we step out into the unknown, but we do this in other areas of life without ever feeling restricted, and IT security should be the same. 

Seat belts in cars, parachutes for skydiving, the safety bar on a rollercoaster all give us a "safe zone" in which to take risks, try new things and feel free. We take these devices for granted and in fact, wouldn't proceed without them (would you buy a car without a seat belt and an air bag?). There's no reason why IT security shouldn't be perceived in the same way. 

  • What if we told you that we can free your users to use their dropbox/box/googledrive without compromising your corporate network?
  • What if we enabled sharing and collaboration and still maintained your protection?
  • What if we made your entire database widely available but still provided the segmentation to protect the most sensitive fields?

We can do this for you. Just ask. 


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