06 Nov 2019

Emmet Cleere Check Point Demonstration

  Think you are safe just surfing? In this video Emmet Cleere from Check Point shows us how easy is can be for Malware to infect your computer then demonstrates how Check Point protects youou   {youtube}YQgSI5u60TE{/youtube}

30 Jul 2019

Easy Transition From N3 to HSCN

  Hard cut over is never fun and is highly dependent on all elements coming together seamlessly for everything to go to plan. It introduces considerable risk in any scenario. Where the change from N3 to HSCN is concerned, firewall changes are needed and these need to happen immediately that the switch from old to new is made. BT are commonly...

04 Jul 2019

Lithify Sponsors "Summer Spin" for UK Homes For Heroes

Team members from Lithify recently organised a fundraising rally in order to generate funds for the UK Homes For Heroes charity, which is a front line helping ex forces living on the streets. The run took place through the wonderful Cotswold countryside with participants driving restored MG’s and other heritage vehicles. Although torrential...

28 May 2019

Vendor Flip Flopping Serves No-One But Unscrupulous Resellers

  If your organisation has changed vendors more than twice in the last 8 years, it might be time to re-think your approach.  We all know large enterprises which seem to have run the gamut of every security and networking vendor, changing their estate every three years as one deal comes to an end and another one starts. Until recently I...

20 May 2019

Security Still Centred on Perimeter Firewalls? Let's Think Bigger!

Still hanging your security on perimeter firewalls? Its time to broaden your scope Who reading this thinks that perimeter firewalls are the main game in security? Many people still do. We've based security on perimeter firewalls for so long that they're just the accepted way of doing things. Firewall are the mainstay - everyone knows that,...

26 Feb 2019

Account Takeover - Why Now?

One of the oldest breaches in the book is back and the consequences (which have always been bad) are now worse than ever. Account takeover has existed for a long time. It used to rely on poor password policies and exploited those users who used the same username and password combination for everything. Stolen email addresses and passwords...

19 Feb 2019

Thinking Of Downsizing Your Firewalls?

I'm constantly talking to both existing & prospective clients and a new phenomenon is catching my eye. Downsizing, simplification and cost cutting are becoming a trend. I can see why. Firewalls are being commoditised and finance teams are simply asking "what am I getting for my investment?" It's a sensible question brought about for sound...

12 Feb 2019

SaaS Application Security - The Missing Puzzle Piece

  These days we're all using "served" applications (SaaS) - Asana, 0365, Google G Suite, Salesforce, SageOne, Slack, Dropbox - there are many. I can't think of a single enterprise in our current customer base who doesn't have at least one.   This change has happened gradually over the last 5-10 years. We've adopted these technologies because...

04 Feb 2019

Zero Day Video

The concept of Zero Day can be quite tricky to understand so we've made this awesome video to make it a little bit clearer!     {youtube}b5-50df7Whk{/youtube}

28 Jan 2019

Mobile - The Overlooked Entry Point

Hands up who enables uses to access their corporate email on their mobiles? What about other systems? CRM? Accounts? HR? What about document shares such as One Drive or Dropbox? Pretty well every organisation allows at least one of these, many allow far more.  Whether corporate or employee owned (known by the term BYOD - bring your own...

Zero Day
10 Dec 2018

What is Zero Day

The concept of zero day has been around for some considerable time, but its only just starting to gain traction, so what is it, why now, and why should you consider it for your network.  What is Zero Day? A zero-day (also known as 0-day) vulnerability is a computer-software vulnerability that is unknown to those who would be interested in...

Early Warning
27 Nov 2018

Why Wait?

What's your next layer of protection before your firewall? How can we help you stop threats before they even reach your gateways? Clearly, the safest threat is one which is neutralised before it even reaches you, and therefore products which help you acheive this are inherently desirable.  Rather than stopping threats on your own gateway, a...

19 Nov 2018

Think Twice Before Switching to an Inferior Product Set

  If you're considering your options on IT security, it can be tempting to think that something new will be cheaper to run than your current product, will be easier to maintain and may offer a more stable platform. I'm here to tell you that more often than not, that isn't true.  I can understand if you're switching from a solution that is...

Security Suites
13 Nov 2018

Joined Up Threats Need a Joined Up Solution

We're entering Gen 5 of security threats. Every vendor and analyst will tell you that threats are sophisticated in a way we've never seen before.  There's much in the press about it:   breaches now hit far and wide, targeting multiple systems at once (or over a sustained campaign). Gone are the days of one-off incidents which can be easily...

Security Futures
06 Nov 2018

Think 5 - 7 years out

  We've been providing expert professional services as a team now for many years and in that time, the complexity of the solutions we're providing have moved on considerably. Our most complex install 5 years ago would be pretty standard today - even smaller enterprises today have more sophisticated set-ups than the largest organisations back...

01 Nov 2018

Fantastic Posters!

  The say a picture paints a thousand words. We love these fantastic posters by LogRhythm. Whether you're a current LogRhythm client or not, these fun messages are great for instilling good practice across your workforce. The posters all have snappy analogies and easy ways to remember to change your password often, be aware of phishing, and...

Firewall Comparisons have Limited Value
30 Oct 2018

Can you trust Security Comparisons?

  There was a heated debate on LinkedIn last week regarding the usefulness of Gartner and whether an organisation should be using their findings as the basis of their IT decisions.  The crux of the question came from concerns about how Gartner and others (such as Forrester) are funded, how they obtain their ratings and the role that sponsorship...

Do More with Less
23 Oct 2018

Doing More with Less

  How to avoid overload and get the most from your time and resources.    More frequently, I'm coming across security teams and IT Directors who are having their operating budgets for IT security cut at a time when they should really be expanding.    The scale of the task in security grows larger by the day, and the complexity that we see as...

16 Oct 2018

Hidden Pain Points are Where the Real Danger Lies

  What does the threat landscape mean to you? What are your biggest threats? Where are you putting your energy and resources? What if I said that you're very likely worrying about the wrong thing, and that it's the small thing you're not worrying about which presents the biggest challenge?  The most pressing threat to your environment, the...

09 Oct 2018

Visibility is Everything

  Ever tried to make a decision with only half the facts? It's a hiding to nothing - how can one possibly expect to make the right devision with only part of the picture? An "informed decision" is impossible. Why then do we expect our networking and security teams to routinely do just this - make their decisions without all of the data,...

03 Oct 2018

Risk - It's a Fact of Life

  We live in a world of threats. They're a fact of life, just like common cold or uneven paving slabs. We all deal with threats every day, from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, and don't fall out of bed and hurt yourself, because that's a threat too.  OK, these examples are silly, but it's true - we're surrounded by risk. For...

25 Sep 2018

Full Disclosure - The impact of GDPR

  Here comes GDPR and with it, the first wave of major disclosures by UK organisations admitting that breaches have occurred.  Why now? Why so many? Why on such a massive scale. There's a few answers to all of this:     Why Now? GDPR regulations came into force in May and this means that companies are bound to publish details of any breach...

19 Sep 2018

Snooze You Lose

  We've had a flurry of major disclosures in recent weeks - large enterprise (many of them those long revered institutions who were considered unassailable/efficient/trustworthy). If there's one positive we should take from all this it's that no-one is immune to data breach, and that it truly, does happen to us all.      Here's a few recent...

Mind the Gap
12 Sep 2018

Mind the Gap! Why Point Solutions are Pointless

We've all been there - wanting to solve a specific problem without the disruption that's caused by making wholesale changes, or taking on additional network elements (e.g. by acquisition) that come with their own set of tools. We've all been seduced by the claims of a niche provider who has a great product for a particular network need which...

30 Aug 2018

Banking Update

TSB have just published their year end results and have stated that the banking problems from earlier in the year have cost at least £176m with more impact still to follow, they've also intimated that this would have been enough to take the business down, were it not for investment from their parent banking group, Sabadell. They also reported a...

15 Aug 2018

Buckle Up! The ride is wild, but so are the rewards

  Get ready to blow your mind!! Cloud Security Turns Everything on its Head   There are many reasons for organisations to consider adopting cloud infrastructure including improved availability, flexibility and scalability being just a few. There are many blogs and other resources on the benefits of having a flexible infrastructure and I bet...

03 Aug 2018

"Difficult": Where the Best Experiences are Found

Many service providers shy away from the most difficult stuff, but we know that complexity brings the biggest challenges but also the biggest rewards. It's the difference between "that'll do" and "this is a game changer".  Security has for too long been put in the category of "necessary evil" and this is terrible. It takes huge potential,...

04 Jul 2018

10 Security Maxims Debunked

IT Security is a huge and daunting topic, it takes an expert to stay on top of everything!  So much information, so much conflicting advice, it's difficult to know where to start, but not all advice is good advice.  There are some common messages that we really don't like. Here's our top ten ways that our industry is getting it wrong:   1....

13 Jun 2018

HR: Your Front Line in Network Security

HR has a huge role to play in the security of your networks   Yes, Human Resources. For all the effort your organisation expends to implement robust IT policies and infrastructure, the biggest threat to an organisation’s safety comes from its people. Whether through malice, ignorance or human error; the people in your businesses are the most...

04 Jun 2018

Troubleshooting- The Most Expedient Improvement

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Troubleshooting Team. When you have a solution which isn’t working correctly, or you just don’t think it’s performing well enough, it’s common for organisations to think that a rip and replace strategy is better than spending the time to resolve...

30 May 2018

Lessons from a UK Bank's Catastrophic Data Breach

I've been watching the news surrounding one of the UK's major retail banks aghast. I could ask "how could they let this happen" but it's obvious why it happened, and very sad. We have a major UK institution in crisis through ineffective security and archaic data architecture.  First of all there was a data breach following a system upgrade....

03 Apr 2018

Optimisation- Making the Most of your Existing Tools

One of the most annoying things I see on a daily basis is companies with great security products – huge capital expenditure, spent wisely on market-leading products which are great assets, but which are totally under-utilised and going to waste because the infrastructure, fundamentally hasn't been set up correctly. ​     Even worse, we...

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