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Securely Connect to Everything - The Industry’s First Unified Security Solution for Users, Devices and Access.

The world as we know it has changed, and so has your business. In this new world, staying productive means staying connected. You must be able to work anywhere, with your mobile phone or laptop, and access any application. To defend against this expanding attack surface and increasingly sophisticated threat actors, you can keep adding individual security products. But stitching together point solutions leaves you with security gaps, fragmented visibility, complex management, and limited options to scale. Think Simple. Think Secure, Think Harmony. 

Lithify's View

Check Point has always been the innovator in security, setting the technology agenda, providing thought leadership delivering world-class solutions.

Harmony is the latest leap forward. A single platform which delivers protection for users wherever they maybe, however they're working, regardless of location, device or mode of working.

Endpoint and mobile protection, plus protection for Microsoft 365 and other SaaS applications, and access to corporate applications via a single web interface are all covered.

Harmony is game-changing because it replaces the requirement for complex, hard to manage VPNs, simplifies device management and puts your users at the centre of technology delivery. It is available as one solution platform or by individual function. 

Harmony Product Suite

Check Point Harmony consolidates six security products to provide uncompromised protection and simplicity for everyone. It protects devices and internet connections from the most sophisticated attacks while ensuring Zero-Trust Access to corporate applications.

Check Point Harmony
Securely Connect to Everything


Harmony Total

Harmonize your users and access security with a unified, cloud-delivered solution that is simple to use, manage and buy. The Harmony product suite lets you easily protect user devices and internet connectivity from malicious attacks, while ensuring zero-trust access to any corporate application, anywhere , anytime. 


Harmony Endpoint (formerly SandBlast Agent)

The rise of breaches caused by malware, ransomware and sophisticated social engineering attacks has made endpoints a prevalent entry point for threats on organizations. Those attacks may be hidden in web downloaded content, webmail attachments, removable storage devices or network shares. Your employees may unknowingly become victims of attacks resulting in major financial losses, data breaches and lost productivity. Even the simple action of employees reusing corporate credentials and passwords for non-business web services can put your organization at risk.


Harmony Mobile Security (formerly SandBlast Mobile)

Check Point's industry leading solution for mobile devices offers enterprise mobile security that protects against threats to the OS, apps and network. Leveraging Check Point’s best-of-breed threat prevention technology, SandBlast Mobile offers the highest threat catch rate in the industry without impacting device performance or user experience.


Harmony Email & Office (formerly CloudGuard SaaS)

100% catch rate for phishing and malware. Independently tested and accredited, simply put - Harmony Email means that malware via email and office applications is becoming a thing of the past. Like us, our current clients are thrilled with the functionality - it makes a huge contribution to a confident security posture.



Harmony Browse (Secure Browsing)

Enable a secure, fast, and private internet browsing experience with the industry’s first in-browser protection to inspect 100% of SSL traffic.

  • Prevent malware downloads.
  • Prevent phishing attacks and corporate credential reuse.
  • Block access to websites deemed inappropriate by company policies


Harmony Connect (Secure Access for Users, Authenticated at Source)

Harmony Connect is redefining the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) by making it easy to connect any user or branch to any resource, anywhere, without compromising security.

Powered by 11 cloud-delivered security services, Harmony Connect offers a secure and fast local connection, anywhere.

  • Clientless access - Provides employees and contractors secure and easy access to any corporate application (including web applications, databases, remote desktops, and SSH remote terminals), with simple SaaS-like access from any web browser and any device (even mobile and home PCs).
  • Client-based access – Utilizes a VPN agent to provide full network-layer access to corporate networks and applications


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