Security professionals are continually searching for their real cybersecurity gaps amongst the overload of vulnerability data. We have come to accept assumptions as the norm given the inaccurate, stale, and context-lacking data in our vulnerability management systems.

With IT infrastructure and cyber threats evolving faster, it is critically important that real vulnerabilities are treated before they are exploited. While penetration testing services may pinpoint such threats accurately, these services cannot scale in scope or be applied in a continuous manner.

Pentera finds and separates what is exploitable with empirical evidence, prioritizing critical risk that isn't shown by the legacy reliance on CVE/CVSS and RBVM. 

True knowledge of our exposure enables us to focus our resources on fixing the real security gaps. Automated Security Validation (SecVal) is how we flip on the light to focus on our real security gaps and guide cost-effective remediation. With it, cyber professionals can surgically remediate with fresh data that is based on threats’ real impact on their business.


Why We Like Pentera

We spend a lot of time at Lithify diligently helping organisations to achieve a robust, stable security posture which will support them in the long term.

Being able to demonstrate - with certainty - that a network is secure and that it continues to stay secure despite its inevitable evolution has long been one of our goals. Pentera gives us this ability. 

Whilst traditional pen testing and network scanning has its place, Pentera offers the ability to validate for real, and to identify a small number of priority actions which make a material difference - breaking kill chains, healing weaknesses, closing loopholes. 

In complex networks, this ability is invaluable. We have had great results with current customers and would love to show you how Pentera might work for you. 


Pentera Mentor - Managed Service for Pentera

Worried that whilst valuable, Pentera could become another tool which you never have time to exploit? Our managed service takes away this headache, ensuring that you obtain full ROI whilst minimising the impact on your team. Talk to us today about how we can help. 


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Lithify is available for short or long term engagements, to help with a problem, to implement a specific project or as your preferred partner in IT Security. 

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