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What is AAD?

AAD - Asset & Anomaly Detection has become huge news in OT and SCADA environments over the last five years. 

Where previously, organisations were content to accept that gaining visibility of proprietary devices and controllers was at best difficult and often impossible, the advent of IT/OT convergence has brought the need for true visibility to the fore. 

Proprietary systems, such as those made by GE, Emerson, Honeywell and others don't use standard protocols, and therefore they don't often have the open interfaces which we have come to expect from standard network elements such as routers, switches, servers and firewalls. They are often old by networking standards and cannot be actively scanned for fear of overrunning buffers and forcing systems offline. 

This is where AAD can be game-changing. 


What's On Offer?

AAD solutions passively monitor and interpret data from such controllers so that it can be further analysed either from a management console or integrated into a wider SIEM solution. 

Clients choose Lithify for our expertise in ICS, DCS and SCADA, our understanding of the complexity of such environments and our consultancy expertise in helping organisations to complete AAD integration and IT/OT Convergence, without exposing the organisation to risk. 

Our insight in this area is unsurpassed. Our long history in ICS, DCS and SCADA environments sets us apart. For a no obligation consultation with one of our team, please get in touch using the link below.


How to Engage Us

Lithify is available for short or long term engagements, to help with a problem, to implement a specific project or as your preferred partner in IT Security. 

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