Disaster Recovery Done Properly


Disaster recovery planning is a key part of security strategy which we take very seriously indeed. 

DR plans should be robust, scalable and demonstrable in the real world, right now, without prior warning. 

Our planning includes DR testing and attack simulation to ensure that, should the worst happen, the systems put in place to cope would do so immediately and without delay. 

We find many clients believe that a DR plan exists, but when challenged, we find that no-one is confident that things would behave as anticipated. 

DR planning should specifically include all systems and services, with board-sanctioned priorities applied to each. 

  • How much downtime could the business handle per application? There will be some for which even a moment's outage will be crucial, and others which can be brought back to service over hours or days. Which is which? And how do we demonstrate the SLA's made with the wider business. 
  • What does DR look like for your enterprise? What failover capabilities are in place? Can users work from home comfortably? Can on-premises systems be moved to the cloud? What happens to business productivity applications such as email, CRM and ERP? Will these continue in the event of a breach and if not, what steps need to be taken? 
  • Where are backups stored? Are they easily retrieved and implemented? Are they indexed and monitored effectively so that missing information can be found in a hurry if needed? 


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