Email Security Done Properly

With the move to Office 365 and Google G Suite, the options for email security have changed - for a lot of enterprises. that's meant going straight to Office365 and relying on Microsoft's default tools. 

The move to SaaS infrastructures has removed previous controls and replaced them with comparatively little, and none of it under the control of the network manager or CISO, and whilst this may be OK for some, it's not a comfortable position for enterprises which need granular control of their data and user access; or demand the ability to recover should an event or corruption happen. 

 ATP has been touted as the default to provide security, but we've repeatedly found that it's not sufficient to provide robust checking.  

Backup has also suffered. Exchange servers on premises were protected with perimeter firewalls, were backed up as a matter of course and had additional programs (e.g. MailMarshal) to protect them. The enterprise had a high level of control over the security of these systems. Default backup is no longer in the control of the enterprise, and that's a problem for compliance and disaster recovery. 

Enterprise and their users deserve robust security. The prevalence of targeted phishing attacks has exploded in recent months, with organisations fending off multiple attacks per day. A recent deployment by a Lithify customer saw a major breach averted within the first hour of Check Point's email security, CloudGuard SaaS, being deployed.  The results are remarkable. 

Similarly, backups can be automated and brought back under the control of network administrators. Veeam Backup for Office 365 provides an automated tool. 


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