Endpoint Done Properly

In a post-lockdown network, the role of the user is more important than ever, and the concept of securing all assets within a perimeter is becoming a distant memory. 

People are the heart of a business and therefore need to be the heart of the network - as network architects and security specialists, it's our job to ensure that staff have access to all the tools they need and can work securely, wherever and however they wish to access their data, whether via laptop, smartphone or other devices. Staff are accessing company data on personal devices, both in the office, at home and when working remotely. Given that users are critical to the enterprise, it makes sense to protect them, and the corporate data they access, wherever they may be. 

With 81% of data breaches involving stolen credentials, it is clear that username and passwords do no longer prove the identity of a user. Identities are easily compromised, so protection of email accounts, desktops, laptops and smartphones is imperative. Check Point's excellent SandBlast Agent and SandBlast Mobile enable protection of these devices. They can be implemented either as part of Check Point's wider Infinity architecture, or as standalone solutions. 



User Awareness Training

User performance and understanding is key to security posture. Detailed security systems are a major component, but the diligence of users can make a tremendous difference to the number of incidents which a team needs to handle. 

User awareness training primes employees to look out for threats, coaches them on how to spot suspicious activity and tests their awareness through controlled phishing campaigns. KnowBe4 are the market leaders in this space, and add an extra dimension to an otherwise robust security posture. 


For more information check out our Webinar about User Centric Security



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