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Lithify is different. Our technical expertise and attention to detail have made us the go-to team for Check Point consulting where no-one else seems to be able to help.

All our consultants are 20+ years experienced on Check Point at the highest levels, and their knowledge of the portfolio is unsurpassed.

Check Point is a great product set. Its functionality and capabilities in providing a single platform for network security are unsurpassed. We love it. 

If not configured correctly, however, the benefits of the platform can be lost and clients can be left feeling disappointed and frustrated. 

Often, resellers will offer a basic configuration service and struggle to make the system fly.

We can change that.  

The Lithify team is well known within the UK Check Point community for our work troubleshooting environments which, for whatever reason, are not working correctly, and in many cases have been outstanding for some considerable time. 

If you have a problem and your existing reseller is struggling, we're here to help. 

To date, there is no technical issue that we have not been able to solve, whether on complex networks, demanding environments, across the Check Point product portfolio. 

Previous Cases

Clearly, each individual case needs to be discussed (please reach out using the contact form below), but here are a few highlights from our recent work:

Skype dropping calls with Check Point HTTPS Inspection enabled

Our team successfully devised the fix for this and published back to Check Point - if you need our help, we have considerable experience here. 

Skype dropping calls without  Check Point HTTPS Inspection enabled

We have a fix for this too. 

Mitel VOIP Switch not working correctly through Check Point Gateways

This particular customer had been having problems since his gateways were installed some 16 months earlier. We were able to assess and provide triage in 2 days (solution working), and further remedial work was then carried out to bring stability back to the implementation

Public Sector customer had Check Point Gateways  entirely down

An important public sector organisation had been down (with total loss of service - email, VOIP phone, internet etc) for 6 days. Our team were able to provide a temporary resolution within 4 hours and then performed further remedial work over the following months

Split DNS issue with Check Point Gateways

Customer with a global user base was reporting +10 second response times through his gateways for users across the globe. The issue had been outstanding for 11 months. Our consultant was able to lab the problem and document a fix with full methodology OVERNIGHT.


Our expertise is not limited to the examples given above.

If you have any concerns or simply would like some advice about your current implementation, please give us a call or email us via our contact form. Just click the Contact Us button below. 

How to Engage Us

Lithify is available for short or long term engagements, to help with a problem, to implement a specific project or as your preferred partner in IT Security. 

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