We have authority on Symantec Enterprise (the new name for Blue Coat) which is unsurpassed.

Our team has more than fifteen years experience and has both consultancy and trainer resource to Symantec Knight (Blue Knight) level.

We also have expert resource on PacketShaper from the earliest days of the portfolio's inception (as Packeteer), providing a wealth of insight. 

Blue Coat

Formerly known as Blue Coat, the Symantec Network Protection family consists of many products which join together to provide a robust perimeter security suite.  

The primary element of the suite is  ProxySG which can deliver a multitude of services including web caching with Active Directory integration and WebFiltering.  

In our experience with client networks in production, the ProxySG web caching can save bandwidth in excess of 10Gb data per hour, which helps to alleviate bottlenecks in bandwidth across the links on your site.   

ProxySG Web Service integrations with the Intelligence Services from Symantec allow scanning of URLs by category.

Intelligence Services Advanced will allocate a Risk Factor against any URL (categorised or not) allowing deeper decision-making about which URLs to block, allow or strip. 

URL filtering and Risk Factor Scoring leverage the Symantec Cloud service: Global Intelligence System (GIN). GIN transacts requests from over 150 thousand Symantec customers (running into millions of users and billions of requests per day), giving any user of the Symantec Network Protection products the combined protection of the visibility of the combined transactions therefore not relying on the system admins to constantly update configurations.

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TLS/SSL (HTTPS) is helping secure the internet as we know it, but it presents new challenges for enterprise security. The inability to verify the content of Secure Tunnels to and from the internal network is becoming a major issue. 

Https can make up 80% of the traffic on a network and these connections cannot be viewed in the traditional method by proxies or firewalls. 

In your organisation, this means

  • no ability to scan the traffic for malware,
  • limited URL filtering option,
  • no ability to control the actions of users on application style websites (gmail, Facebook, SalesForce, Dropbox etc…)
  • no Data Loss Prevention scanning.   

Traditional Firewalls and Proxies may not have SSL interception capabilities at all, and those that do will suffer from resource issues when levels of https traffic on the enterprise are high. 

Our recent experience indicates that https traffic can be handled at low levels by firewalls (not all have dedicated encryption hardware) and even ProxySG will start to struggle with large amounts of SSL. 

Recent developments with the Symantec SSL Visibility Appliance now mean that its possible to actively send clear text web traffic to be processed by the ProxySG. This allows full visibility to protect the environment from the potential risks within the encrypted traffic without extra load to the proxy. 

Talk to us about what this means for your Blue Coat installation and how we can help. 


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