With the move to cloud based infrastructures, the requirement for security within the cloud is exploding. 

Cloud infrastructure is fundamentally good at controlling data in and out of an array, but this simply isn't sufficient if your cloud infrastructure is complex or if security is required to segment data or filter based on user privilege. In a large data-lake, security at the perimeter simply isn't enough. 

A number of vendors have solutions in this area, but some products are simply existing solutions repackaged. It's important to consider a solution which has been built from the ground up to accommodate cloud. Whichever solution is chosen, the requirements will be complex, and so will the implementation. Our team has significant experience in this space and in every case, the deployment has been bespoke and the architecture has needed careful consideration in order to be successful. 

It's also worth considering that the requirements for cloud security are quite different to those of a physical network and in every engagement, we've needed to help client teams not only to create their optimum set up, but also make the mental leap in understanding demanded by cloud architecture where accepted norms no longer apply. 

Our team has unparalleled experience of dealing with these situations and is the best choice for implementation of your environment. 


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