SD-Wan Done Properly

As organizations move their data centres to the cloud, low-cost internet delivers an efficient way to connect directly from the WAN edge to the cloud.

Broadband is plentiful and inexpensive, yet it has drawbacks: a single link lacks redundancy and adding additional links requires manual failover, so users may still experience disruptions.

SD-WAN can provide all of the reliability and performance required to deliver the experience users have come to expect, even from the cloud, but not all SD-WAN solutions are created equally.

Designed with simplicity and application performance in mind, Citrix SD-WAN represents a better way to connect users to Citrix Managed Desktops hosted in the cloud.

We partner with Citrix for their log history in optimised user experience. Their partnership with Check Point enables us to deliver world-class SD-WAN alongside our expertise on Check Point. Not many partners have the reach to deliver solutions for complex environments. The Lithify team thrive where others fail, breaking boundaries and enabling new ways of working, such as those outlined here. 


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