Proxy Done Properly

Menlo provides an isolation platform which renders web assets in the cloud rather than on the desktop. 

The platform is deployed either via web or as an appliance and replaces traditional proxy solutions.

Menlo offers a great alternative to those organisations wishing to migrate from legacy Blue Coat devices to a cloud-based proxy service. 




In February 2020, Menlo Security announced a $1 million malware protection warranty. No other cloud proxy vendor offer such a warranty. Melo refuse to accept that “almost safe” is the best the industry can do. They promise a different approach and a cloud security platform built on an Isolation Core™️ that provides 100% protection and delivers security without compromise. Their $1m warranty offers complete malware and financial protection from any damages up to $1 million at no additional cost. To find out more about this, click this picture to download Menlo's Prevention Is the Best Form of Medicine Whitepaper




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