Media Management Done Properly

Organizations have difficulty tracking and securing all data transfer channels that expose them to security threats, especially large enterprises with thousands of employees and contractors. Data transfer channels, such as file uploads, portable media devices, and email attachments, all have the potential to carry targeted attacks that can damage an organization’s reputation, financial standing, customer relationships, and for critical infrastructure, sensitive equipment and the facility itself.

Why We Like Metadefender

Opswat Metadefender is our choice for media scanning and sanitisation. 

In OT, PLCs and other systems are often old and may work on proprietory protocols. This often means that the only way to patch or update is to use a CD ROM, USB or in some cases floppy disk! 

For many years, we've helped our critical infrastructure clients to create their own sanitisation stations, based on AV and other tools, but it's never been as robust as we'd like. 

Metadefender solves this problem, providing a robust kiosk or software based sanitisation station which can be deployed around a site or campus, ensuring that no device enters the network without prior interrogation. 

For Lithify and our clients, it is an invaluable tool in a wider security posture. 


Metadefender Corporate Video


MetaDefender Demo

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