Rogue Device Mitigation Done Properly

The Sepio platform uses a novel algorithm, a combination of physical layer fingerprinting module coupled with a Machine Learning module – providing the sought-out visibility and enforcement level, it is further augmented by a threat intelligence database – ensuring a lower risk hardware infrastructure.

Critical infrastructure typically operates with legacy systems meaning there are a number of vulnerabilities for bad actors to exploit.

Additionally, new technologies that are introduced are done so with the intention of improving efficiency and customer experience, while often times forgoing essential Cyber Security practices in favor of these benefits. This is an extremely perilous mistake as it leaves entry points wide open for perpetrators who intend on carrying out nefarious activities.

The more devices connected to a network, the more entry points for an attacker to infiltrate the target. The proliferation of IoT device usage across organizations has meant bad actors have more access points to confidential data, including intellectual property. IoT devices typically have lax security measures imposed in order not to hinder the user’s experience. So, even for what seems to be a well-secured organisation, the use of unchecked IoT devices makes it easier for an attack to be carried out.


Why We Like Sepio

Rogue device detection is a hot topic in the critical infrastructure organisations we support. Being able to easily detect and interrogate new devices is an invaluable part of any security posture. 

Sepio enables us to make quick determinations about devices and to shut down threats before they begin to damage networks and systems. 

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