Insider Threat Detection Done Properly

Veriato Cerebral is also one of the most advanced insider threat security solutions in the industry.

It allows a security team to protect valuable data by combining User Behavior Analytics, User Activity Monitoring, and Risk Scoring to identify signs of risk.

Cerebral hunts for signs of fraud, data theft, and other suspicious/restricted activities in real-time.

Cerebral gives an organization the ability to react quickly to protect critical data (e.g., client lists, patient info, financials, customer data, IP, etc.).

Additionally, Cerebral's screenshots and data logs becomes crucial evidence for use by HR or in legal proceedings when necessary.

Protect Your Organisation, Even During Lockdown

With more employees working from home, a new compliance and security issue arises.

Network security and DLP solutions can only monitor file movement when the remote device is connected to the network via a VPN. If a remote employee "clicks off" of the VPN after they've downloaded sensitive data (patient records, client data, IP, etc.), there is no way to see what they are doing with the data. The data is at risk, and the company is now out of compliance.

Cerebral does not require VPN connectivity and therefore remote data movement is always monitored, ensuring the data is not compromised, and compliance standards are maintained and can be easily reported.

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